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Email for custom inquiries:

Custom Videos

  • Dirty talk expert & Taboo princess

  • This is a kink shame-free zone! If i'm not into it, i'll just say no thank you :)

  • always email before ordering!  So we can discuss your idea, and if i'm comfortable with it :) 

  • Custom videos are finished & delivered in about one month

Safe, Sane, Consensual! 18+ obvi

"Amelia is a class act, from the start of the custom process to the end.  Really friendly customer service, prompt and informative communication...and when it comes to actually delivering what was asked for, she provides spectacular value for money. My custom script was given the absolute treatment - gamely played to the hilt, with improvisation on top, making it far more than simply regurgitating words and actions from direction. She looks great, she sound great, she is just great all over. It was a privilege to work with her, and I hope to do so again."

-Interested_prt ❤

about a custom video

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